Heartstrings (Permanent Bracelets)



What are Heartstrings bracelets?

Heartstrings permanent bracelets are a one-of-a-kind, custom fit chain bracelet without a clasp, where the ends are permanently connected together with a safe, delicate weld. The bracelet does not have a clasp and therefore it will "permanently" stay with you.


How do I book an Appointment?

Click on the appointments tab above

What makes Laughing Sparrow Different from others? 

Alberta's Original Permanent Jewellery Provider Since 2020.  All services are provided by a goldsmith with 15+ years experience. Offering seamless and custom fit solid sterling silver and Solid 14K gold bracelet options

What is the price of a Heartstring permanent bracelet?

Prices for Heartstrings bracelets are $65-$95 for sterling silver and $125-$225+ for solid 14K gold.

****If you are giving a heartstring bracelet as a gift and would like me to tailor the chain options to your budget please reach out to me before your appointment so I can make note and also not discuss pricing during your appointment. 


How do I remove my bracelet, if I want to?

All chain options offered by Laughing Sparrow can be easily snipped off with a  pair of household scissors.


How long will my bracelet last? 

A Heartstring bracelet can last months, even years. This is ultimately dependent your selected chain, as not all chains are created equal, your lifestyle, job and other factors.  If your permanent bracelet breaks or must be removed for whatever reason we will do our best to assist you.


What do I do if my bracelet breaks or stretches? 

Don't panic. Laughing Sparrow chooses delicate chains to prevent injuries should your bracelet get snagged on something. If your bracelet gets caught
and breaks or stretches, put it in a safe place and contact us for a
repair. The first repair is free. ***Any additional repairs may be subject to repair fees

Chains will stay on with normal wear, however jewellery is jewellery and we cannot be responsible if it is broken or lost.


Can I get a bracelet with my Friend/Significant other/family/ect..?

OF COURSE! Book an appointment time slot for the correct number of people, if your group is larger than 4 please book consecutive appointments! If your party is larger then 6 please contact us for a group booking. 


What if I need to cancel my appointment? 

We get it, sometimes life happens. Appointments must be changed or cancelled 24hrs or more in advance. No shows and late cancellations are subject to charges. 

Does the process hurt? 

Only if you're a wimp....JK

No, Not at all, It's a puff of air, a beep and a flash. It does not touch your skin, nor hurt one bit!


Is it safe to wear my bracelet during an MRI?

Unlikely. You will likely need to remove your bracelet prior to an MRI, but don't take my medical advice (please ask your medical professional).

If you need to remove your bracelet for any reason (medical or
otherwise), hold onto the chain and you can book an appointment to have your chain put back on.


Can you do a permanent anklet?

At this time we don't feel comfortable offering permanent anklets for a few reasons! 

Short answer 

EWW feet... 

Long answer 

From experience permanent anklets do not last as long as bracelets and can
also be uncomfortable with certain types of shoes (we do live in Canada where it is boot season 8 months of the year).

We have also not found a way to make the process of putting on a permanent anklet accessible for everyone. 

I do offer custom fit anklets with a small clasp using any of the heartstring chains available. This service can be completed during a heartstrings appointment time. 


Do you offer permanent necklaces? 

Currently we do not offer this service, however we are exploring how to make this option available- check back soon!

Will my silver bracelet tarnish? How can I clean my heartstrings bracelet? 

Silver is susceptible to tarnishing over time however with daily wear your bodies natural oils help to protect your permanent bracelet from tarnishing. Certain scenarios that may cause tarnishing are; chlorinated hot tubs or pools, sulferous hot springs, some lotions, and/or perfumes.

Your silver bracelet's shine can be restored with a good scrub using a blob of crest toothpaste taken into the shower with you. 

What bracelet options do you have? 

I do not have an online catalogue of my chain options as they are always changing! However, I do leave plenty of time during your appointment for us to select your chain! 

I have LOTS of options in sterling silver, 14k gold, 14k rose gold, & white gold.


What are your heartstrings bracelets made out of? 

Solid Sterling Silver, 14K gold, 14K rose Gold or 14k white gold 

All Laughing Sparrow Heartstring's chain options are Nickel Free!!


Why don't you offered cheaper gold options? 

We are not comfortable using gold fill and especially gold plated options for permanent jewellery. Although Gold fill jewellery is a great option for daily wear on a lesser budget, the welding process used for permanent jewellery can't guarantee that the core metal isn't left exposed. Therefore we do not deem this as a suitable option. Gold plated anything is....garbage...  


Can you take your permanent bracelet through airport security?

Absolutely, TSA will not ask you to remove a permanent bracelet as you move through security. Our Heartstrings are frequent flyers!

Can you do Heartstrings at a Private Event?

Heck yea! Heartstrings jewelry is the perfect way to commemorate a birthday, celebrate your bridal party, co-workers, family, friends and more. Please contact us for private function booking. **Location/travel fees may apply


Can I purchase other Laughing Sparrow pieces while I'm at my Heartstrings Appointment?

Absolutely, we typically have a small selection of pieces out on display during appointments. If there's something specific you're interested in please let us know.


I have additional questions that aren't answered here! 

Did you double check?.... We have created this extensive FAQ page for your convince as running a small business is a full time job and we can't possibly answer your emails 24/7! If your question has not been answered on this page please feel free to email us at Laughingsparrow.info@gmail.com 



Heartstrings Pop-ups

Our Laughing Sparrow studio is by appointment ONLY  

More heartstrings pop-up dates coming soon! 

Interested in hosting a Laughing Sparrow Pop-up or Private party! CONTACT US!